Month: April 2011

Highlight Homes Brings New Meaning to the Phrase “Spring Clean”

At Highlight Homes, we don't believe you should be left to sweep up the sawdust before you can begin enjoying your new home renovation. Leave the cleaning to US! Photo credit:
At Highlight Homes, we don't believe you should be left to sweep up the sawdust before you can begin enjoying your new home renovation. Leave the cleaning to US! Photo credit:

With Spring in full-swing, seasonal gems like May flowers, flip flops and Spring cleaning are top of mind for many folks throughout the Atlanta area. At Highlight Homes, we’re no exception. May flowers call to mind yard after beautiful yard of professional landscaping (a service we proudly provide), flip flops make my team and I think of the promise of summer vacation, and Spring cleaning is the inspiration behind our latest brilliant idea.  Too often when all is said and done, homeowners who’ve recently undergone a home renovation or repair project are left with a big mess to clean up. Whether they opt to brave a “Do it Yourself” venture or hire a team of professionals to perform the big jobs, there’s frequently a trail of sawdust, woodchips, discarded materials, and trash left in the project’s wake. They are then faced with the task of scrubbing, dusting and sweeping before they can ever begin enjoying their newly remodeled living space. At Highlight Homes, we don’t believe that should ever be the case. That’s why this season, we’re following the lead of my Superintendent, Chris Gilliam and launching “The Big Spring Clean” – a brand new benefit to contracting with my company and just one more thing to add to a long list of attributes that set Highlight Homes apart from many other Atlanta remodeling firms.

Once the job is done – before we leave you, we’ll make certain that your home is professionally cleaned and free of the mess that so often accompanies a home renovation. Because I pride myself on being a Green Builder, my company will see to it that all recyclable materials are properly disposed of. Not only will you and your family be left with a brand-new living space where you can make memories together for years to come, now you’ll be able to start making those happy memories right away!  To learn more about Highlight Homes and all of the other “above-and-beyond” services my company provides, I invite you to visit us online at

Our renovation division specializes in:

  • Whole Home Renovations
  • Room Additions
  • Decks, Patios and Porches
  • Basement Finishing
  • Kitchen Remodels
  • Bath Remodels
  • Home Theaters
  • Window & Door Replacement
  • Roofing
  • And so much more!!!

To set an appointment to discuss your upcoming home improvement project and take advantage of “The Big Spring Clean,” call me TODAY at 678.873.9234, e-mail me at, or fill out my convenient online contact form.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Happy Spring!!!

Make a Wish Then Watch It Unfold

Highlight Homes Makes a Business of Seeing That Clients’ Wishes Come True

Transforming your house into a dream home is almost as simple as making a wish. Be sure to share that wish with your friends at Highlight Homes, then watch it unfold right before your eyes. Photo credit:
Transforming your house into a dream home is almost as simple as making a wish. Be sure to share that wish with your friends at Highlight Homes, then watch it unfold right before your eyes. Photo credit:

From custom homes and unique architectural designs to one-of-a-kind renovations and commercial tenant improvements, Highlight Homes finds its inspiration in the clients we serve. As founder of Atlanta’s premier design-build firm, I take great pride in never getting “too big” to take the time to sit down with my clients and learn their fondest wishes with regard to building a home from the ground up, transforming someone else’s house into their very own dream home, or converting an office space to fit the collective personality and needs of its tenants. I listen carefully to not only their wishes, but also their needs as a family or company – then blend those findings with nearly thirty years of know-how to begin what is perhaps one of the most exciting phases of any project – the design phase. Once a design has been laid out and agreed upon, we use those plans as our guide – with room to tweak and tighten along the way. The construction phase is an in-your-face, dust-covered portion of the project – but no less exciting, as the homeowners or tenants get to observe our progress on a daily basis. My clients can be as involved or as removed as they like from the selection of materials for a project – from new kitchen appliances and dramatic lighting fixtures to granite countertops and cabinetry, we utilize three decades worth of relationships with local associate vendors to find the highest quality materials at the very best prices. The final walk-through of the completed project is often my favorite part, as I get to witness firsthand the joy that we bring to our clients’ lives. We’re not just in the business of building houses and renovating rooms – we create unique living spaces where you and your family can make memories together for years to come! I am extremely proud of the fact that Highlight Homes has built a solid reputation in the Atlanta market for completing projects on time, on budget and above expectations. I am honored to be selected to take on such a personal journey for my clients, as one’s home is such a valued part of our lives. Highlight Homes serves the metro Atlanta area – including Buckhead, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Peachtree City, and more. We welcome the opportunity to make your wishes come true! To set an appointment to discuss those wishes with me, I invite you to call me at 678.873.9234. You can also reach me via e-mail at or fill out a helpful online contact form, and I will get in touch with you shortly. If you’d like to learn more about Highlight Homes, please visit our website at

Highlight Homes Proudly Practices “The Three T’s”

Timeliness, Tidiness, and Talent are Just Three of the Things That Set This Atlanta-based Renovation and Construction Company Apart

The Three T'sIn a city well-known for its graceful luxury estates and fine collection of affluent communities, it’s no wonder why discerning Atlanta residents have come to expect the best. From some of the finest restaurants the South has to offer to forward-thinking entrepreneurs blazing a trail up and down Peachtree Street and beyond, savvy business leaders have learned to answer the call and strive for excellence. They’ve figured it out – the customer deserves no less. As the Principal of Highlight Homes, I am proud to constantly endeavor to provide a superior level of customer service to each and every client my company serves. I do this by listening to their needs, fulfilling their wishes and even occasionally allaying their fears. In more than 25 years of working with renovation clients, common topics of discussion during initial consultation meetings involve the subjects of price, time frames, and intrusion on daily family life.  At Highlight Homes, we address this handful of issues by employing The Three T’s…

TIMELINESS: On one hand, you’ve made the decision to transform your home and you’re ready to begin enjoying it as soon as possible. On the other hand, you want to make sure the job is done right.  By partnering with my talented team of designers and contractors, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. We have worked very diligently to build a reputation of completing our projects on time and on budget – all while exceeding our clients’ expectations. I expect nothing less than a job well done in a timely fashion, and so should you. The sooner we complete your home renovation, the sooner you and your family can begin making memories in this new and unique living space. Where other companies and contractors may take months to complete the same project, Highlight Homes may fulfill our duties in as little as a handful of weeks. That’s the mark of hiring a consummate professional with a proven track record of success, and only one of the things that sets Highlight Homes apart from the fray of general contractors around town.

TIDINESS: Renovations can be invasive and messy. I’ve heard horror stories that would make your head spin about projects that took forever to complete, and contractors who left a slew of sawdust and project waste in their wake. At Highlight Homes, we have a strict policy of project site management and stewardship. We are always honored to have been chosen to renovate the homes of our clients, and show our respect by cleaning up after ourselves after every work day in an attempt to lessen the impact on your family’s daily life. Dedicated to our standing as a “Green Builder”, we employ earth-friendly practices by disposing of much of our construction debris through recycling. Upon project completion, we offer professional cleaning of the project area and adjoining spaces affected by the renovation so you and your family can enjoy your “picture perfect” new home right away.

TALENT: While price is often an important factor for many homeowners considering a renovation, it’s important to keep in mind the age-old adage “You get what you pay for.” Chances are, by going with the least expensive bid on the table – you can expect to be disappointed. In addition to timeliness and tidiness, Highlight Homes offers a wealth of talent from expert advice and original design to quality craftsmanship and skilled project management. Because Highlight Homes is a design/build firm, I am able to control all elements of a home renovation – from start to finish. Each Highlight Home team member is handpicked by me to deliver on the promise I make to every one of my clients – to leave them with a sense of getting MORE than they paid for by taking their visions to entirely new heights.

I welcome the opportunity to illustrate each of the Three T’s to you and your family firsthand. Call me TODAY at 678.873.9234 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your upcoming renovation project. Highlight Homes proudly serves the Metro Atlanta area, including the Buckhead, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta, Dunwoody, and Peachtree City communities. I look forward to your call, and am eager to learn how the Highlight Homes team can help you transform your house into the home your family deserves. To learn more about Highlight Homes, I invite you to visit us online at