Month: December 2013

Color Me Purple: Pantone® Announces 2014 Color of the Year

Fashion + Home Smart Color Swatch Card - Radiant OrchidPantone® – the global color authority and provider of professional color standards for the design industries – has announced it Color of the Year for 2014. In the New Year, Emerald Green (PANTONE 17-5641)  – Color of the Year 2013 – will make way for a delightful shade of purple dubbed Radiant Orchid (PANTONE 18-3224).

“While the 2013 color of the year, Emerald, served as a symbol of growth, renewal and prosperity, Radiant Orchid reaches across the color wheel to intrigue the eye and spark the imagination,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute® in a recent press release. “An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.”

Although Pantone serves a number of industries – such as fashion and beauty – we in the home design sector look forward to the company’s announcement of Color of the Year each December. Use of color is a major element of the work we do, and the focus on one particular color creates excitement and fosters inspiration. According to the Color of the Year announcement release, the selection process requires careful consideration and, to arrive at the selection, Pantone quite literally combs the world looking for color influences. This can include the entertainment industry and films that are in production, traveling art collections, hot new artists, popular travel destinations and other socio-economic conditions. Influences may also stem from technology, availability of new textures and effects that impact color, and even upcoming sports events that capture worldwide attention.

Use of Radiant Orchid in interior design can help “spruce up interior spaces by incorporating this eye-catching hue in paint, accent pieces and accessories. As adaptable as it is beautiful, Radiant Orchid complements olive and deeper hunter greens, and offers a gorgeous combination when paired with turquoise, teal and even light yellows. Likewise, the vibrant color is sure to liven up neutrals including gray, beige and taupe. Uplifting and bold without being overpowering, Radiant Orchid reenergizes almost any color palette and provides a unifying element for diverse spaces.”

At Highlight Homes, we welcome the opportunity to help you incorporate Radiant Orchid into your upcoming home renovation. To schedule a no obligation consultation with our design-build team, call 678-873-9234, e-mail, or fill out our convenient online contact form. To learn more about Highlight Homes and the services we provide throughout the Metro Atlanta area, please visit us online at

More information about Pantone and its 2014 Color of the Year is available at

Image Credit:  Pantone LLC

A Look Back at 13 of the Coolest Remodeling Trends for 2013

As 2013 comes to a close and we wait in anticipation to learn what 2014 has in store for us in the world of remodeling, we’d like to take a look back over 13 of the coolest trends of the year. Wonder which of these will hang on for the coming year? Based on our own experiences over the last 12 months, this is Highlight Homes’ countdown of our favorite renovation projects that were all the rage this year…

Dennis Outdoor Living Space - After1)      Outdoor Living Rooms – From outdoor hearths and kitchens to cozy open air parlors, savvy homeowners opted to extend their living spaces to the exterior of the home in 2013.

2)      Home Theaters and Media Rooms – This trend continues to remain hot as families gather together in their own personal movie theaters and mini-arcades.

3)      Aging in Place Solutions – With more and more folks opting to make their current home a “forever” home, the number of age in place solutions incorporated to renovations has been on the rise. Chief among them have been bathroom modifications and master bedrooms on the main level.

4)      Green Living – Energy efficiency, eco-friendly appliances and use of sustainable materials make this one of our favorite continuing trends. Highlight Homes always uses green construction practices on all of our renovations and custom home construction projects.

Highlight Homes Buckhead  Kitchen Remodel - OCT 20135)      Kitchens with Islands and Glass Backsplashes – The kitchen island is LITERALLY central to trends in kitchen design. We can’t remember the last time we took part in a kitchen renovation that did NOT involve an island. They terrific for food prep, homework, entertaining, dining, storage and so much more!  Glass backsplashes would have to run a close second to our favorite trends in kitchens for 2013. We love how they reflect light and add an undeniable sense of glamour to the space.

6)      Transitional Style – This eclectic blend of traditional and contemporary design has really taken off, and serves as a perfect fit for our combined tastes here at Highlight Homes. The result is a timeless look that suits a wide variety of personalities.

7)      White Cabinetry – Crisp, clean and dreamy – we continue to be BIG FANS of this ongoing trend in kitchen renovations.

8)      Dual Master Suites – This trend first entered our radar towards the end of 2012 and continues to maintain steam due to the number of friends who choose to cohabitate, adult children who move aging parents into the home, and spouses who opt to have a room of their own.

9)      Open Floorplans – Long gone are tight cramped spaces! Homeowners today long to breathe free, and will often opt for the removal of walls and a shift in their original floorplan. If you are considering a move like this in your own home, don’t grab a sledgehammer! Instead, seek the assistance of an expert who specializes in structural engineering so you don’t harm the integrity of your home’s construction.  FYI – it just so happens that Highlight Homes specializes in structural engineering!

Image © 2012 Sarina Roth - Never the Rock Photography

10)   Unique Touches – One of our favorite aspects of any home renovation is that one element or design touch that makes a living space unique to the homeowner and their family. We once ordered a hand-painted “Tree of Life” tile mosaic from the oldest tile maker in Jerusalem – it completed the project beautifully and serves as a focal point for everyone who enters the kitchen where it hangs.

11)   Sleek and Refined – This trend serves as a nod to old Hollywood glamour, and is particularly true of bathroom renovations. Where spa influences have been huge in recent years, a growing trend toward luxury and good old-fashioned glitz is slowly taking the lead.

12)   Engineered and Hardwood Flooring – More and more homeowners are opting to step away from carpet in favor of hardwood or engineered flooring. They are easier to maintain, add a touch of luxury to any room, and can be visually enhanced with a beautiful area rug.

13)   Pale Walls with Splashes of Color in Décor – The bulk of our renovations in recent months have called for pale hues on the walls with splashes of vibrant color in the décor. Soft greys reigned supreme throughout 2013, which worked beautifully with pops of red, purple, orange and turquoise.

To be among the first to SET the trends for 2014, Highlight Homes invites you to contact us to schedule your no-obligation consultation. Our talented design-build team welcomes the chance to help you create living spaces that will renew your family’s love for your home, and potentially add to its allure and value to potential buyers when it comes time to sell. We can be reached by calling 678-873-9234 or e-mailing  To learn more about Highlight Homes and the many services we offer, please visit us online at

Shades & Highlights: Things We Like December 2013

In this month’s nod to the people, places and things that inspire the team at Highlight Homes, we take a look back over the past year and bring back a handful of oldies, but goodies…

enLIGHTenment  magazine: Writer Linda Longo “shines a light” on the latest trends in her interview with award-winning Northwest design firm Neil Kelly for her article “Top 10 Home Design & Remodeling Trends For 2013.” Again, we’re not about to steal Longo’s thunder – but we ARE particularly fond of Top Trend #2: Living in Your House Longer.  As an Atlanta-based design-build renovation firm, that’s music to our ears. (Shades & Highlights January 2013) It will be interesting to see how many of these trends flow into 2014!

Dennis Outdoor Living Space - After

Outdoor Oasis: When you dream of spending time in the Great Outdoors, what do you envision?  If it’s a sprawling deck for countless dinner parties under the stars, a tranquil koi pond surrounded by lush landscaping, or an open-air kitchen where you can awaken your inner chef to the delight of your guests – Highlight Homes can help you make those dreams come true! (Shades & Highlights February 2013) NOW is a great time to start planning and preparing for your outdoor living space remodel!

Hidden Spaces: As though inspired by Frances Hodgson Burnett’s Secret Garden, we love to find tucked away spaces and turn them into something beautiful. A hall closet door can become a sunken doorway bookcase, the space under the stairs can be opened up and transformed into a highly functional storage space or an indoor dog house, a little used corner can become a book nook, a guestroom closet can become a home office… the possibilities are endless!  With Highlight Homes’ extensive knowledge of structural engineering, we may be able to see the possibilities in your home that you may have overlooked. (Shades & Highlights March 2013)

Sunrooms: With the wonderful arrival of Spring each April, so follows the onset of pollen season. That yellow stuff that dusts the windshields of our cars and leaves its mark on the patio furniture in the backyard makes it nearly impossible for many Georgians to breathe deeply without sneezing and wheezing. Still, the grass is greening up, leaves are reappearing on the trees, and flowers are filling the gardens. It seems a shame not to be able to enjoy Mother Nature’s splendor this beautiful time of year just because of a fine yellow powder. Pollen poses an excellent argument for the incorporation of a sunroom filled with windows for the four-season enjoyment of the Great Outdoors.  It just so happens that sunrooms are one (among MANY) of our specialties here at Highlight Homes. To schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss the incorporation of a sunroom addition at your home, call our talented design-build team at 678-873-8234 TODAY! (Shades & Highlights April 2013)

Image Credit: © Roth/Never the Rock Photography
Image Credit: © Sarina Roth/Never the Rock Photography

Never the Rock Photography: Sarina Roth, owner of Never the Rock Photography, is someone Highlight Homes looks to regularly to capture our home renovations. Her work is sublime and has graced the pages of a number of magazines. For motivated sellers who wish to place incredible photos of their home in the blog-o-sphere or families who love their home so much, they wish for it to play a starring role in their family portraits – we highly recommend you reach out to Sarina at Never the Rock. (Shades & Highlights May 2013)

True Source Cabinets: This Atlanta-based wholesaler provides a wide variety of cabinets from budget and upscale manufacturers, such as Omega –  the #1 rated custom manufacturer by Consumer Reports, Kemper – which was recently featured in the Street of Dreams Luxury Home Show, KraftMaid – the country’s largest manufacturer which has often been featured on Extreme Home Makeover, and more. The proper selection of cabinets is an integral part of any Highlight Homes’ kitchen or bath renovation. (Shades & Highlights June 2013)

Brookhaven Custom Home Construction - HLHSunshine:  The 30-year average for rain fall in Atlanta during the month of June is less than 4 inches. This year, Atlantans saw more than 9.5 inches fall during June alone – spoiling countless pool days, parades, and picnics. Highlight Homes would like to say “Thank You” to our clients for understanding that we have no control over the weather. One of the benefits of working closely with a company like ours is that when Mother Nature has other plans on the days when we are scheduled to be working outdoors, we can adjust our construction schedule to tackle indoor renovation projects until the sun shines once more. (Shades & Highlights July 2013) Rain has continued to plague us in November and December. We recently had an unplanned “mudbogging” adventure at the construction site of our custom home in Brookhaven!

The Nest: Brought to you by the same folks who publish The Knot and The Bump, The Nest is a website devoted to all things “home” – from helpful tips like “How to Prepare for a Renovation” and “How to Finance Your Renovation” to a treasure trove of décor photos intended to enlighten you to the latest trends and inspire your own unique interior design. Be sure to flip through the pages of the digital magazine and check out their articles devoted to green living, organization, and (of course) renovating. (Shades & Highlights August 2013) A social network designed for architects, Architizer is also a great resource for anyone with a particular fondness for architecture in its many varied forms. Consumers considering a major overhaul renovation or building a new home from the ground up can find all kinds of inspiration from the ultra-modern and uber-cool designs displayed under the “Explore Projects” tab. (Shades & Highlights September/October 2013)

GE’s New Slate Appliances: Stainless Steel has ruled the kitchen appliance market for years and it’s a popular choice among many of our kitchen renovation clients. However, appliance powerhouse  – General Electric – debuted a new line of appliances in a low gloss finish they call “Slate” in September 2012 and it’s just now starting to generate a buzz as a possible successor.  It’s a soft and sophisticated charcoal grey – making it a nice marriage between black and stainless steel. We predict these products will continue to do well, particularly with the rising popularity of the use of varying degrees of grey paint on the walls as one of the new neutrals both designers and consumers are loving. (Shades & Highlights November 2013)

A very special thank you to all of the vendors and clients who have made 2013 such a great year! May 2014 hold great promise and happiness for us all!