Choosing the Right Candidate (for Your Home Remodel)

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VoteChoosing the right candidate is a subject that is particularly top-of-mind for many Americans today. Amidst a flurry of speeches and campaign rhetoric at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, blended with an endless throng of campaign ads and a fair amount of mud-slinging, voters will have to make up their minds as to whom they will grant their vote come November. Whether they choose according to party lines, via their individual moral compass, or by the power of a Magic 8 Ball, at some point – the American voter will have to make their choice.

In our business, Highlight Homes is extremely familiar with the concept of choice. We understand that there are dozens of contractors and builders out there vying for your home remodeling projects – firmly believing that they are the right candidate for the job. We understand this, because we are one of them. The thing that separates us from the masses is that we don’t just believe we are the right candidate – we know we are.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t always use research to guide their choice – they use the Magic 8 Ball approach, and make their decision according to price. At Highlight Homes, we have built a solid reputation in Atlanta for the quality of work we provide – and quality comes at a price. So while we may not come in at the bottom with regard to the price of our job estimate, we assure you that the results will exceed your expectations.

When you are prepared to launch a home remodel and wish to find a qualified home renovation company to design and complete the job for you, we highly recommend that you take the following into consideration to measure your choices – rather than basing your decision solely on price:

1)      Word of Mouth – Word of mouth is a free and valuable resource, and – for Highlight Homes – is representative of up to 75% of our business through referrals. When planning something as significant as a modification to your home, it’s wise to look to friends, family, neighbors, and business associates for advice regarding general contractors and professional renovators they have used in the past or have heard good things about. Take word of mouth one step further and visit the company website to see if their methods and philosophy fits with your own, examine the work they’ve done, and read all of the reviews and testimonials you can get your hands on. Perform a web search and look for any negative feedback, as well.

2)      Ask the Advice of a Local Real Estate Professional – If you feel you need a more professional perspective when it comes to word of mouth, very rarely will you find a resource as valued as a local realtor or broker when searching for a qualified remodeler. These folks often have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends and best return on investment for most remodeling projects and frequently have a direct line to a skilled contractor or design-build firm.

3)      Professional Organizations – It is always wise to dig a little deeper in order to discover if the general contractor or design-build firm you are considering for your next home renovation or improvement project is above board and will not leave you standing in the midst of a half-finished home while they take off with your deposit. Some companies may take your project to completion, but their craftsmanship is shoddy, they may not have filed for all of the necessary permits, or they are not properly insured and licensed and your project may end up costing you far more than you originally planned in the long run.  One way to guard against any of these scenarios from happening is to look into the company’s/contractor’s professional affiliations. If they have none, that’s probably not a good sign. Many of the professional builders organizations in Georgia and the United States require a membership fee to join as well as a review of business practices – in other words, they’ve already done a lot of the research for you.  Highlight Homes is pleased to announce that we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and are members of the National Home Builders Association, Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association (GAHBA), Certified Professional Home Builders of Georgia and the GAHBA’s Remodelers Council . Highlight Homes is also the proud recipient of several Obie Awards – a great honor in the highly revered Atlanta Home Market, in addition to being a certified Earth Craft House Builder, Energy Star Partner, and LEED Certified Home Builder – fully committed to protecting the environment by promoting green initiatives in both design and construction of the homes and home additions we create.

Bear in mind that your home is not only one of the biggest investments you will make in your life, it is also the place where your family lives, loves and laughs day in and day out. It should be entrusted to a home renovation candidate who is most concerned with pleasing the people who live in that home and less concerned with profits.  If you elect to VOTE HIGHLIGHT HOMES for your next home renovation project, we welcome your calls at 678.873.9234 and your e-mails at To learn more about Highlight Homes, view our work, and take a peek at our professional affiliations, please visit us at

Choosing the Right Candidate (for Your Home Remodel)