Craft-astic Spaces

Highlight Homes Pays Tribute to National Craft Month

I guess you could say that the design-build team at Highlight Homes is really just a collection of professional crafters. My team members and I love to draw, build, paint, create, and dream.  To that end, we have great respect for crafters of all mediums and professional levels. In honor of National Craft Month in March, we’d like to take this opportunity to showcase the creation of special craft-astic spaces, custom-designed just for them.

Image credit:  Many Colored Paintbrushes © Anna Rutkovskaya
Image credit: Many Colored Paintbrushes © Anna Rutkovskaya


Most artists prefer spaces with lots of light and few distractions. Imagine a wide open space with crisp white walls, a skylight, lots of windows and an easel placed at center stage. A utility sink can be hidden away in a closet for the convenient cleaning of brushes on one side, and specially designed cubbies for canvases and paint supplies can be lined up on the other. Recessed lighting with a dimmer and easy-to-clean flooring can be incorporated to finish off this workspace that can serve as the inspiration for countless masterpieces.


A small guestroom or corner of a basement can easily be converted into a scrapbooker’s paradise with plenty of creative storage and cute picture-focused décor to keep imaginations and artistry flowing. Built-in bookcases to house scrapbooks surrounding a built-in drafting table for future creations will serve to finish off the room beautifully.

Seamstresses, Embroiderers, Crocheters, and Knitters

Image credit: Vintage Thread © Angela Sickelsmith
Image credit: Vintage Thread © Angela Sickelsmith

For many artists who work with their hands, comfort may be vital to their creativity. Comfy seating and warm décor could serve to spur on the creation of blankets, scarves, sweater, embroidered hair bows, dresses, and so much more. Storage again plays a vital role to housing supplies and keeping the space uncluttered. The size of their passion should determine the size of their workspace – from a converted closet in a little-used guestroom to an entire room of their own.  We think that is Sew Cool!

Potters, Sculptors and Clay Artists

For a messier craft, many artists are relegated to the dank, dark corners of a basement. Concrete floors are easily stained and sealed for a chic look and the dank, darkness can be transformed into a creative space that begs to be filled with music and magic as the artist creates to their heart’s content.  With a little imagination, a basement can be converted into a trendy artist’s studio.

Whether you are a burgeoning artist, a seasoned professional, or a “crafty little devil”, you owe it to yourself to designate a space in your home as your own. Highlight Homes can work closely with you to custom design the space to meet your needs and vision. To schedule a no-obligation consultation, crafters of all kinds are invited to call the Highlight Homes team at 678.873.9234 or e-mail us at  To learn more about Highlight Homes and sneak a peek at our own “scrapbook” of projects, visit

Craft-astic Spaces