Highlight Homes’ “Help Atlanta” is prepared to Assist Victims of Georgia Tornadoes

Tornado - Free Stock Photos.comCommunity Involvement Division of Renovation and Construction Firm Answers the Call Once Again

I wish to extend my heartfelt sorrow and prayers to those individuals, businesses and families affected by the massively destructive tornadoes that hit Alabama and Georgia late last month. As a native son of Alabama and the father of native sons of Georgia, I feel a strong connection to the people of both states. I cannot sit idly by and watch the devastation on news reports when I am in a position to offer assistance through my company, Highlight Homes, LLC. In 2009, I was prompted to start a community involvement arm of my company aptly titled “Help Atlanta” following hail storms that rocked the Newnan area earlier that year and massive flooding that affected the entire region later that same year. In the event of a natural disaster, such as the one that changed so many lives on April 27, my company, my vendors and I are all prepared to offer aid and advice to those in need.

By submitting a request for assistance, victims of the April tornadoes in and around the Atlanta area may receive two hours of our services completely free of charge. Because we restore and renovate homes for a living, we can work quickly to help them put their homes and lives back together. Over the course of those two hours, we can aid with general clean-up, assess structural damage and the need for repairs, and offer valuable advice on how to spot a potentially fraudulent contractor. One of the sad facts I’ve learned in nearly three decades in this industry is that during disasters such as this, unscrupulous characters have a tendency to crawl out of the woodwork and descend upon unsuspecting homeowners in order to take advantage of them in their time of need in the hopes of separating them from their hard-earned savings or insurance settlements. They are often unregistered, uninsured and not licensed to practice contracting work within this or any other state. Chances are, the home may wind up in even worse condition that when the storm first cleared. I’m proud of the fact that Highlight Homes is a Better Business Bureau accredited business, and each of my contractors and sub-contractors is fully licensed, insured and registered in the state of Georgia. In the event that a homeowner elects to retain our services beyond the initial clean-up and consultation, we will work diligently and swiftly to see that their home is lovingly restored to its former glory. I can also happily act as a liaison between the homeowner and their insurance representative to lessen the stress and aggravation on the homeowner.

If your home or the home of someone you know was recently impacted by the April tornadoes in Georgia, I invite you to contact Highlight Homes to submit a request for assistance. In the event of an overwhelming response, we simply cannot guarantee that we will be able to assist everyone who calls – but we will do our best. Requests will be fulfilled on a first come-first serve basis. Please submit requests by phone at 678.873.9234 or via e-mail at helpatlanta@highlighthomesga.com. To learn more about Highlight Homes – please visit our website at www.highlighthomesga.com. Best wishes to you and yours for a swift return to your “home sweet home”.

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Highlight Homes’ “Help Atlanta” is prepared to Assist Victims of Georgia Tornadoes