Let the Sunshine In

Ten Terrific Reasons to Add a Sunroom to Your Home

With the arrival of Spring to the South comes the inevitable return of that fine, sunshinelayer of yellow dust that covers our cars and makes us sniffle – POLLEN.  What if there was a way to enjoy the Great Outdoors without the worry of your allergies going completely haywire? A simple solution that allows homeowners to feel like one with nature without stepping foot outside is by adding a sunroom to their existing home. Aside from the benefit of avoiding yet another agonizing sneeze attack, Highlight Home Restoration has compiled the following list of “Ten Terrific Reasons to Add a Sunroom to YOUR Home”:

1) Sunrooms Add Value – More and more homeowners are making the decision to stay in their current home longer and renovate rather than move.  However, it’s always wise to address the concept of increasing your home’s market value in the event that you do decide to move in the future.  By increasing the square footage of your home through a sunroom addition, you are adding value as well as elevating the aesthetic beauty to potential buyers.

2) Sunrooms Add Space – As stated in Terrific Reason #1, you are increasing the square footage or “liveable” space of your home when you add a sunroom. Depending on the design, you can also open up your floor plan and give the illusion of even more space through the incorporation of lots of windows.

3) Sunrooms Enhance Your Home’s Beauty – Inside & Out – Don’t think solely in terms of just making the home more attractive to future buyers, a sunroom – when designed and constructed properly – can give your home a more elegant and sophisticated flair both on the interior and from the exterior.  If you have professionally designed landscaping or are a master gardener yourself, a sunroom is an ideal way to showcase your yard.

4)  Sunrooms Allow You and Your Family to Enjoy the Outdoors Year-Round – In the Southeast, where the winters are relatively mild but the summers can be downright brutal, a sunroom offers the perfect escape from the harsh temperatures while allowing you to enjoy a night under the stars or an afternoon nap in the sunlight in the comfort of your climate controlled home.

5)  Sunrooms Provide an Economical Way to Increase Living Space – The thought of a room addition can sometimes be daunting, but a sunroom is often built on a pre-poured patio slab or by enclosing a pre-existing porch or deck. Rather than building from the ground up with more expensive materials, a sunroom can be designed to fit your family’s needs, your home’s structure AND your budget.

6)  Sunrooms Offer a Terrific “Flex” Space – A sunroom can be designed to serve any number of purposes: Indoor Garden, Reading Room, Entertainment Space, Children’s Playroom, the list goes on and on!

7)  Sunrooms Can Often be Built Quickly, With Less Disruption to Your Family’s Life – Aside from expense, a room addition can be intimidating because of the way it may disrupt your home for sometimes months on end.  Depending on how elaborate your design is, a sunroom can often be completed in weeks and – since it’s often an extension of your home, construction can be relatively non-invasive.

8)  Sunrooms Provide Lots of Natural Light Which Can Equate to a More Energy Efficient Home – Known as “daylighting”, the use of natural light through energy efficient window systems in place of artificial lighting during the day could decrease your energy use significantly and is recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy.

9)  Sunrooms Mean No More Raining On Your Parade and No More Bugs at Your Picnic – Sunrooms provide a terrific space for entertaining!  In the event of an unexpected storm or a swarm of pesky yellow jackets, you can always bring the outside IN by hosting a party or indoor picnic in your new sunroom.

10)  Sunrooms Help Redefine the Concept of the Family Room – That’s right, peel your eyes away from the TV and head to the sunroom tonight to star gaze with the kids, play your family’s favorite board games, or swap stories of the day’s events. At Highlight Home Restoration, we don’t just build rooms – we create living spaces where you and your family will make memories together for years to come.

What are you waiting for? You could be enjoying a good book, a candlelit dinner under the stars, or a neighborhood gathering in your very own sunroom within weeks!  When you’re ready to get started, the talented team of designers and builders at Highlight Home Restoration is eager to assist you in enhancing your home’s character and living area. Simply give us a call at 678-873-9234, fill out our online contact form, or e-mail your request to info@highlighthomesga.com.  We look forward to the possibility of adding a little “light” to your family’s life!

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Let the Sunshine In