Top Five Reasons Why Homeowners Opt To Remodel Revealed

National Association of Home Builders Releases Findings from Recent Study Exposing Most Popular Renovations and the Reasons Behind Them

In early May 2012, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) released their findings from their First Quarter 2012 Remodeling Market Index: Special Questions on Most Common Jobs & Reasons for Remodeling. Pulled from the survey responses of 395 professional remodelers, the study reveals some of the most popular renovations requested by their clients during the previous year, as well as the reasons cited for the need for the renovation.

According to the study (measured in percentage of respondents) , the ten most common renovations throughout 2011 included:

Image Credit - © Cruceru Cristian |
Image Credit - © Cruceru Cristian |

1)      Bathroom Remodels – 78%

2)      Kitchen Remodels – 69 %

3)      Window and Door Replacements – 44%

4)      Repairing Property Damage – 36%

5)      Whole House Remodeling – 35%

6)      Room Additions – 33%

7)      Handyman Services – 31%

8)      Basement Finishing – 27%

9)      Roofing – 24%

10)    Siding – 23%

What was perhaps most revealing about this study – besides the fact that Bathroom Remodels eclipsed Kitchen Remodels for the third year in a row, at an all-time high nearing 80% – were the reasons homeowners gave to the remodelers for the reasons behind the renovations.

The Top Five Reasons Homeowners Opted to Remodel during 2011:

1)      Need to Repair or Replace Old Components

2)      Desire for Newer/Better Amenities

3)      Desire/Need for More Space

4)      Wish to Avoid Moving/Buying a New Home

5)      Repairing a Damaged Property

Other reasons of note included Desire to Grow Old in Current Home, Energy Efficiency/Environmental Concerns, Wish to Increase Value of Home as an Investment, Change of # of People Living in the Home, and Prepare for Resale (non-distressed property).

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Top Five Reasons Why Homeowners Opt To Remodel Revealed