Turn Your Living Spaces Inside Out

Incorporating the Great Outdoors into Your Home Plan

Highlight Homes Outdoor Living Space (lo res)While the housing market continues to lag and many folks are warming to the idea of staying put in their current home, the ongoing issue of the need for more space persists as a recurring theme. Although temperatures are currently lingering at the high end of the temperature gauge, it won’t be long until they’re back within a cozy “backyard barbecue” zone. During Highlight Homes’ most recent renovation, the homeowners have been astounded by the growth of their entertainment options thanks to an outdoor space overhaul where a simple back deck was transformed into a luxurious open-air grand hall – complete with stacked stone fireplace. Now, they can envision countless afternoons and evenings hosting friends and family in this beautiful new space (see second inset) or simply enjoying their outdoor oasis all by themselves.

It’s simple to grow the size of your entertainment space by turning your living spaces inside OUT. An outdoor room should serve as an extension of your home, with many of the creature comforts and décor set about to complete the story:

  • Highlight Homes Outdoor Living Space 2012Homeowners who enjoy spending their evenings catching up with friends might appreciate the concept of an outdoor living room. Deep and inviting seating add to the comfort, as do ceiling fans for those warm evenings and hearths or firepits for those cool evenings.
  • Aspiring chefs may want to make food the centerpiece of this space with a large dining table with plenty of chairs, impressive outdoor chandelier hanging from a pergola overhead, and impressive grill kitchen with plenty of workspace for you to show off their skills.
  • In the event that sports often play a role in your parties, a covered area that features an all-weather flat screen TV, comfy couches, and bar may be your ideal option.
  • Those blessed with a green thumb may want their garden to be the focal point with walkways leading throughout and special spots for reflection placed here and there.

The sky’s the limit to the number of things your outdoor space can become. Highlight Homes is happy to help you decide what option might be best to fit both your needs and your personality during an on-site consultation. To schedule a consultation with our talented design-build team about incorporating your own custom built outdoor living space, call us TODAY at 678-873-9234, e-mail us at info@highlighthomesga.com, or fill out our helpful online contact form. To learn more about Highlight Homes and our broad range of services, we invite you to visit us online at www.highlighthomesga.com.

Turn Your Living Spaces Inside Out