Highlight Homes Streamlines Renovations and Custom Home Construction with Help of Latest Technology

Co-construct Screen Shot

Award-winning Atlanta custom home builder and renovator – Highlight Homes – is proud to add another item to its growing list of service offerings. Thanks to a new relationship with Co-construct, Highlight Homes will grant its clients online access to their home construction and renovation projects. Touting the tagline “Together on the same page,” Co-construct is a revolutionary online software system designed to aid custom builders and remodelers with scheduling, selections and client communications.

“All of our projects entail a great deal of interaction with and input from our clients. Instead of shifting through a difficult-to-track stream of e-mails and phone calls between clients and the Highlight Homes’ team during the course of a custom construction or renovation project, this customer relationship management software organizes all communications in one place – making it easier for us to keep up with conversations and changes,” explains Tony Pourhassan, Principal at Highlight Homes. “In the long run, it will not only save us time and minimize confusion, but it has the potential to save our clients money and eliminate any potential frustration by streamlining and organizing the process. The best part is, it’s accessible by all parties 24/7 from the time the contract is signed until closing on the new house or final walk-through of a completed renovation. Of course, face-to-face interactions will continue to be at the heart of what we do, but that’s not always convenient for our clients. Several years ago, we were tasked with completing a home renovation for a client who was living abroad at the time. They hoped to have the renovation completed in time for their return to the States. While they were incredibly pleased with the outcome of their project, I can’t help but think how much smoother everything could have gone if we’d had access to this software. It hadn’t been invented yet!”

Co-construct is unique in that it is specifically engineered for custom projects which are notorious for being in a constant state of flux as new materials are made available, some materials are phased out, clients’ minds change, and weather dictates.

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Highlight Homes Streamlines Renovations and Custom Home Construction with Help of Latest Technology