Hottest Design Trends Revealed During NAHB’s Best In American Living Awards

Kitchen Renovation - After: Image Credit: Never the Rock Photography
White on White Kitchen Renovation; Image Credit: Never the Rock Photography

Highlight Homes was honored to attend the International Builders Show in Las Vegas in February 2014 along with some of the most talented vendors, renovation experts and builders from all over the country. As part of the show, the National Association of Home Builders recognized the winners of its Best in American Living Awards. In addition to the honorees, the organization revealed some of the hottest design trends in the home building and remodeling industries – many of which we are pleased to share with our readers. In a recent press release following the Awards Gala Dinner, the NAHB highlighted the following creative construction concepts. Bear in mind, each of these can be imaginatively interpreted by Highlight Homes for your upcoming remodeling or custom construction projects.

White on White: We weren’t surprised to learn that this trend will continue to remain strong. Highlight Homes was on the cutting edge when we utilized this concept for a kitchen renovation that was featured on the cover of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Homefinder in December 2012. From cabinets and counters to flooring and fixtures, kitchens and bathrooms are trending toward light and bright. According to the NAHB’s press release, in order to “achieve clean lines and a modern feel, designers and builders are selecting European cabinetry, adding shiny surfaces via appliance, backsplash and countertop choices, and incorporating glass walls.”

Bold Exterior Colors: Move aside humdrum neutrals! Homeowners are beginning to make a statement on both the interior and exteriors of their homes through the use of bold and beautiful colors. Taking a cue from the Arts and Crafts movement, exteriors are given a makeover through “paint, a mix of cladding materials, doors, windows, porches, shutters or trim, an extra layer of drama is being adding to the design of elevations, further enhancing curb appeal.”

Interior Courtyards: Dating back to before 2000 BC, the courtyard was the original heart of the home that served as a meeting place for family members and their guests. Homes in historic Savannah and Charleston serve as inspiration for many interior courtyards in the South, which are experiencing a major resurgence in popularity. Housing peaceful gardens, fire pits, and cozy seating areas, “courtyards provide private and safe outdoor living areas and are being shifted to side yards.”

Specialty Lighting: Another “trend” that Highlight Homes has been incorporating in many of our recent renovation and custom construction projects is the use of specialty lighting fixtures. Pairing form with function, a well-chosen light fixture can serve as an objet d’art and add depth to any room design. The NAHB’s press release reveals that in some projects “lighting is being paired with wood ceiling details to further enhance the room’s design and create a feeling of warmth.”

Historic Style with Modern Flair: Along with the NAHB, we are seeing a “no rules” trend toward an eclectic blend of historic architectural styles – such as Craftsman, Prairie, or Mid-Century Modern – and  modern elements through the use of “color, finish, fixture and lighting selection, while continuing to be influenced by the past through the use of reclaimed building materials and classic proportions and detailing.”

Blurring the Lines between Inside and Out: The incorporation of elements like” moveable glass walls, gourmet outdoor kitchens and interior courtyard pools” serve to blur the lines between the inside and outside of homes.  It’s a great and economical way to add more everyday living space to homes of all sizes. Here in the South, we are seeing more and more requests for show-stealing outdoor hearths, covered porches and weather-proof flatscreen TVs for scenic SEC football-viewing parties.

Dual Master Baths: Just as his and her closets continue to be all the rage in new home designs and renovations, there is a growing trend toward the development of dual master baths. Glamorous with spa influences, this concept is extremely functional – serving the needs of both “masters” of the house – dual baths often feature a sprawling shared shower and individual vanity areas.

If you wish to incorporate any (or all) of the hot trends mentioned above to your upcoming renovation or custom home construction project, we encourage you to contact the talented design-build team at Highlight Homes to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We can be reached via phone at 678-873-9234, via e-mail at, or by filling out our convenient online contact form. To view our online portfolio and learn more about the services we provide to clients throughout the Metro Atlanta area, please visit us online at  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Hottest Design Trends Revealed During NAHB’s Best In American Living Awards