Changing the Look of Your Hearth in Time for the Holidays

HLH fireplace2

For centuries, the hearth has been symbolic of home, warmth and security. In many modern homes, the fireplace serves as far more than just a place to warm yourself and hang the stockings with care. When designed properly, it could not only become the focal point of the room but could also set the tone for the atmosphere of the entire living space. In the event that you have grown tired of the outdated or understated appearance of your fireplace, a quick remodel might just transform your hearth into a space Santa would be honored to arrive from.

1)      Stacked Stone – A lovely stacked stone hearth can lend the impression of a luxurious mountain lodge to the room.  Throw in some exposed beams and hardwood floors, blended with naturally-inspired décor and you can create a beautiful, tranquil environment. An option to stacked stone is the smoother river rock, equally stunning but slightly more casual.

HLH fireplace32)      Marble – A marble fireplace conveys the notion of elegance and refinement, and is best accompanied by rich crown molding and flanked by built-in bookcases that soar to the ceilings. Line the shelves with stylish bric-a-brac, black and white photos, and hard-covered books – and place a vase of fresh flowers on the mantle to produce a sophisticated ambiance.

3)      Concrete – One of the more recent arrivals on the fireplace surround scene, a concrete hearth is perhaps the most modern in appearance – offering clean lines and a chic vibe.  Since concrete can be stained and sealed, you can choose from a variety of colors and sheens – as well as textures. It can appear austere and striking – much like a piece of modern art.

Josey Dining Room with FP4)      Brick – One of the more traditional materials for hearths, brick holds timeless appeal. Can be made to recreate the look of the brick on the exterior of your home for a consistent feel, or can be created to have a look all its own. If you are an antique buff, the incorporation of reclaimed bricks from an older home or building blended with the use of white mortar will add an air of Old World Charm to the room. Whereas intricate use of patterns might lend itself to a more Modern feel.

5)      Wood – The use of wood for the mantle and surround of the fireplace is perhaps the most economical and flexible option, but still allows for creativity when defining the theme for the room in which the fireplace is sent. When painted the same color as the trim, the fireplace may give a room a traditional Colonial feel. The use of old timber may add to a rustic Great Camp mood – try to repeat the use of wood throughout the room to enhance this impression. Intricate carvings will add an air of sophistication, while simpler styles will increase the likelihood of your mantle’s timelessness.

HLH fireplace1A new fireplace design could really heat things up at your home. A relatively simple remodel job on the surface, the difference it makes to your home’s interior or exterior could serve as the “firestarter” for more exciting big changes down the road.  It’s also a terrific way to judge the skill and work habits of the remodeling company you choose. At Highlight Home Restoration, we don’t just renovate rooms – we create unique living spaces where you and your family will make memories together for years to come.  To discuss the possibility of creating a new look for your home’s hearth or fireplace surround, contact the talented team of renovators at Atlanta-based Highlight Home Restoration by calling 678-873-9234, e-mailing, or filling out our helpful online contact form.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you get fired up about all the possibilities your home holds!