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Five GREAT Reasons to Replace the Windows and Doors in Your Home During the Fall

Have you ever really looked at a child’s drawing of a house? They often seem colorful and full of life – with the windows serving as cheerful eyes andMore Than Just Another Pretty Face the door as the mouth of their animated home’s “face.” Now, take a jog outside and really look at YOUR home’s “face.” Would the incorporation of new windows and doors give your home the facelift it deserves? Aside from the charming cosmetic aspect of adding updated windows and doors to your home, a well-chosen window and/or door replacement can serve as a wise investment in your overall home maintenance and improvement. Aesthetic beauty of your happy abode aside, we’ve compiled a list of Five GREAT Reasons to Replace the Windows and Doors in Your Home During the Fall:

1)      Make it a Double: If you currently have single pane windows, the addition of energy-efficient double pane windows will help seal out moisture and cold – effectively saving you a pretty penny in heating costs. Fall is a terrific time to schedule a window and/or replacement, before Winter’s chill settles over Georgia and seeps through the cracks and casements of your current windows. This benefit will continue year-round into the warmth of Spring and scorching days of Summer by sealing OUT the heat and locking IN the cooler air-conditioned air, thus saving you again in cooling costs.

2)      Old = Mold: If you live in an older home, your current windows might actually prove a danger to your family’s health. Old windows often equate to lead paint and dated sealing. The proven toxicity of lead paint (often found in homes constructed prior to 1978) can pose a threat to your family’s well-being and must be removed by a certified professional. Dated sealing around windows and doors becomes inefficient with time, letting in more than just cold air. Inefficient sealing can also allow moisture to enter the home and seep into the walls – which could, in turn, lead to mold. Mold has the potential to spread quickly throughout your home and can be dangerous for people with suppressed immune systems or acute cases of asthma. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, mold exposure can also lead to allergic reactions and respiratory complaints.

3)      Save the Planet: Many modern windows are earth-friendly – not only will you be protecting your family and your wallet, but you will also be saving the planet in small ways every day! By installing energy-efficient windows, you will be ensuring a cozier seal on your home’s interior from the outside elements.  If you regularly heat your home by means of a fossil fuel like natural gas, this seal will equate to a significant reduction in green house gases emitted from your home into the environment.

4)      Thank You, Uncle Sam: You have until December 31, 2010 to purchase and install qualifying energy-efficient windows and doors to be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to 30% of the purchase price (equal to or less than $1,500). To meet the requirements, windows and skylights must have a U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of less than or equal to 0.30. These ratings must be certified by the National Fenestration Rating Committee (NFRC). To make things simple, be on the lookout for an EnergyStar Label indicating that the product that you are buying is either eligible in the State of Georgia or in all 50 states.

5)      Satisfaction Guaranteed: Most respected window and door manufacturers extend a warranty on all of their products. For instance, popular manufacturer Marvin Windows and Doors will honor a 20-year warranty on their insulated windows to guard against visible obstruction caused by a failure of the insulating glass air seal and a limited warranty guaranteeing their products will remain free from defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship for up to 10 years from the purchase date.

The talented craftsmen and renovators at Highlight Home Restoration have each received their Certified Window Installers Level RLC-1 from the Architectural Testing Institute, Inc. Simply put, this means we are certified to install windows and doors for every major manufacturer in compliance with each individual company’s installation standards. Add this to the fact that Highlight Home Restoration is also Lead-Based Paint Containment certified, and we are the ideal choice for window and door replacements in homes constructed prior to 1978 all the way up to new construction. We are also wholly concerned with maintaining our standards as a Green Builder in Atlanta, so we will be happy to provide the research and proper installation necessary to make sure your new windows and doors are energy-efficient. To schedule an assessment of your home’s windows and doors, call Highlight Home Restoration TODAY at 678.873.9234. We can also be reached via e-mail at or through our convenient online contact form.  To learn more about Highlight Home Restoration and our parent company, Highlight Homes, LLC – we invite you to visit us online. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and welcome the opportunity to show you that Highlight Home Restoration isn’t just another pretty face, either!

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Not Just Another Pretty Face