Five Awesome Autumn Prep Tips for the Home

The road through the Fall season can be a smooth one, if homeowners take the steps necessary to prep their homes. Photo credit:
The road through the Fall season can be a smooth one, if homeowners take the steps necessary to prep their homes. Photo credit:

Although Atlanta temperatures remain in the comfortable 70’s and low 80’s for the foreseeable future, the recent official arrival of Fall on September 22 and the occasional ever-so-slight chill in the air let us know that a change of seasons will soon be upon us. Before we know it, the leaves will be changing from their standard shade of green to fiery hues of gold, red and orange – and before we can blink our eyes, they’ll be crackling underfoot during an afternoon stroll. Fashions will change from flip flops and tank tops to boots and sweaters, and summertime picnic fare will give way to heartier meals such as bowls filled with piping hot chili. While it may not yet FEEL like Fall, Fall is coming and it’s time to prepare – not just our wardrobes, but also our homes. Here are a handful of awesome autumn prep tips from your friends at Highlight Homes:

1) Look Before You Leaf

While Fall can be as visually stunning as a ticker tape parade, it can require a similar aftermath with regard to clean-up. If you’re noticing a lot of leaves on the ground, chances are that some of them have made their way into your home’s gutter systems. Although, it’s never fun to clean out one’s gutters, it is a relatively simple maintenance measure that could add years to the life of your roofline.  For more helpful information, check out our blog “Fall Leaves Could Mean Full Gutters.”

2) Meet Yer Heater

Many homeowners’ exposure to their heating systems begins and ends with the thermostat that hangs on the wall. No one relishes the idea of climbing the ladder to their attic to come face-to-face with the behemoth that heats their home, but it’s a necessary evil to regularly change the air filters and check for possible problems. For trouble-shooting tips to decide whether or not a visit from your friendly HVAC tech is in order, read our blog “Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold.”

3) Seal of Approval

One of the easiest ways to lose heat and energy to the cold outside is through poorly sealed doors and windows. In the event that replacements are not in the budget this year, a quick fix could be found in a good roll of weather stripping. Weather stripping is a cost-effective way to save on energy costs, improve the comfort of your home by reducing air leaks around windows and doors, and can be easily installed by the homeowner him/herself. This simple tool is available at any big box home improvement store or mom and pop hardware shop for less than $10 for a 10’ strip of high density rubber foam self stick tape. For more information about weather stripping and window/door replacement, check out our blog “Cozy Up to a Warm Interior.”

4) Set a Date to Insulate

Although most insulation is designed to last for decades, it can have a tendency to settle over time and may get damaged from long-term exposure to moisture. The U.S. Department of Energy states that unless your home was constructed for energy efficiency, you could probably reduce your energy bills by adding MORE insulation.  For tips on how and why to add insulation to your existing home, check out this article at

5) Be the Host With the Most (or Hostess With the Mostest)

With Fall comes the advent of Thanksgiving… and shortly thereafter, the holidays. So, too, come the houseguests. Take a good look around to see if there are simple ways you can make your home more “houseguest-ready” in time for any gatherings. Read up on a few possible inspirations in our blog “Home for the Holidays.”

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Five Awesome Autumn Prep Tips for the Home