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The Latest Trends in Lighting and Flooring

Just as the right accessories and shoes can make an outfit, choosing the right lighting and flooring can make a room. While some homeowners may choose to go with timeless classics that will age along gracefully with their home, many homeowners are using their floors and light fixtures to make a bold statement. Both should reflect your own personal style and taste level, but Highlight Home Restoration has compiled a list of the “highlights” when it comes to the latest trends in flooring and lighting your home:

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Give Your Home the Green Light – Make sure the bulbs you use are all compact fluorescent (CF) light bulbs, that you teach your family to turn lights off when they leave a room, and consider using “daylighting” as your primary source of light during the day by opening blinds or having skylights installed. According to Planet Green, if every American home switched JUST ONE of their incandescent bulbs to a CF bulb, it would save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes for a YEAR! LED lighting is another terrific energy-efficient choice – many with 12 watt power usage and 65 watt light output. As for exterior home lighting, solar power is all the rage and can be found in pathway lighting, spot lighting and more!

Josey Tile BacksplashLight Up the Heart of the Home – Uplights on tops of cabinets can accent a high ceiling beautifully, while placing spot lighting under cabinetry can show off the different dimensions in your granite countertops. Adding special “task lights” over areas where you do the most work – cooktop, island, sink – can also help you limit your energy use if you just switch those lights on when you need them. A really great looking lamp set on your countertop can serve as both a decorative accessory AND a task light. Striking pendant lights over the kitchen island are still trés chic!

Set a Mood – Dimmer switches are a great way to choose your light to fit the mood and occasion. Wall sconces along hallways illuminate the way while adding a beautiful design touch and an air of romance. Chandeliers aren’t just for dining rooms and foyers anymore – they can now be found in bedrooms, bathrooms, perfectly posh little girls’ rooms, and more. They add a touch of Hollywood lavishness to take a room from totally drab to totally fab.

Electric EclecticJosey LightingDon’t be afraid to blend contemporary designs with vintage touches, classic with art deco, or chic with traditional. Have fun with your lighting choices – but use similar colors or metals to tie everything together (e.g. Brushed Nickel or Black).

To Bottom…

bamboo forestKnock-Knock – What’s the #1 trend in flooring? “WOOD”n’t you like to know! Wood flooring continues to reign supreme in many home makeovers, but there’s a larger focus on being “eco-conscious”. Reclaimed wood or trees that are harvested in a sustainable manner – such as bamboo, cork or Lyptus – are quickly gaining favor for their earth-friendly quality and their natural beauty. Wood flooring complements a wide variety of design styles, has a timelessness due to the fact that it NEVER goes out of style, and can be warmed up with the occasional throw rug for color and effect.

Tried and True – For those who prefer the feel of carpet between your toes, shag is still leading the pack. If you want to be earth-friendly, but still enjoy the softness of a high pile carpet – fret not! More and more carpet manufacturers are developing environmentally sound carpets, such as SmartStrand® Carpet which is derived from sustainable corn sugar polymers. SmartStrand® is durable, stain-resistant and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, including cut and loop patterns. Most homeowners are opting for a tone on tone carpet in neutral colors this year.

Tile is Making its Way (BACK) to the TopTile placementIt’s not just for bathrooms anymore! Found on the walls, floors and ruins of ancient mosques and Roman temples, 2010 would not be one of the first times tile was in fashion. Well-known for its durability (ceramic tile can last 50+ years in modern homes), tile manufacturers are getting more and more creative with their designs. Made from a wide variety of elements such as porcelain, stone, glass and clay – tile can also come in a broad assortment of patterns, colors and textures. It can be made to look like rock, concrete, leather, reptile skin, marble and more. A really good tile contractor can design a one-of-a-kind pattern in your floor with tile inlays, alternating colored tiles and glass mosaic elements. Your floor could well become a work of art.

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