The Latest Luxury Trends in Bathroom Remodeling

No matter what you call it – lavatory, washroom, powder room, toilet, littleHLH bathroom girl’s/boy’s room, outhouse, potty, privy or the john – the number one trend that’s sweeping the nation in bathroom remodeling is the transformation from a “necessary” room into a luxury retreat, something more worthy of the title “REST”room. More and more people are looking to their bathrooms as a place of relaxation and peace – a place where they can wash away the stresses of the day, calmly gear up for the day ahead or get all dolled up for an evening on the town. As this trend grows, more homeowners are looking to professional designers and remodelers to add special luxury finishes to this often-overlooked room of the house. We have compiled a list of the latest must-haves for bathrooms in 2010. We hope they make you “flush” with excitement!

A Touch of GLASS – With the addition of glass tile, mosaics (see photo), more mirrors, and more windows/skylights in the bathroom – these often-cramped spaces are made to seem larger and lighter. Multiple mirrors add to the illusion of greater space, while windows can increase the amount of natural light. Glass tile and mosaics give the impression of luxury – like a bathroom you might find at a 5-star hotel or a fine dining establishment. Glass jars are also a wonderful way to store cotton balls, q-tips, bath salts, etc.

The New Media Room – A trend now showing up in bathrooms everywhere is the addition of flat screen TVs, especially where they can be viewed from the tub.

Get Soaked – Perhaps the hottest trend to steam up bathrooms in recent years is the replacement of the jetted tub for the large, luxurious soaking tub. Popular since the 1990’s, jetted tubs are designed to give the occupant a relaxing massage, but can be quite noisy – ultimately taking away from what should be a calming experience. A soaking tub has been in vogue since the bathtub’s inception – the only difference is that many of the modern versions come double insulated, keeping your warm bath warm for a nice-long soak. The styles range from contemporary to a throwback to the classic claw-footed tub.

Your Own Personal Spa – From converting one’s shower to an actual steam room, to replacing one’s showerhead with dual heads or more powerful massaging jets, to infusing spa-inspired wood elements throughout, many homeowners are taking cues from European spas to transform their bathrooms into a soothing sanctuary. In years gone by, showers often consisted of three tiled walls & a shower curtain. In the last decade or so, many homeowners have begun choosing style over substance. Shower and tub surrounds today are virtually a work of art. Larger tiles with custom tile inlays surrounded by decorative trim pieces have become the norm. In many showers, the walls consist of tiles that run to the ceiling, and often the ceiling is tiled, as well. It is also not uncommon to have a combination of two showerheads and 4-6 massaging body sprays. Another growing trend is the incorporation of a rain head from the ceiling to immerse the shower’s occupant in a soothing cascade along with mood lighting using new LED colored lights or fiber optic lights to create a tranquil and ever-changing overhead light show. Many homeowners are using clear, frameless shower doors in order to show off the lasting beauty of their masterpiece shower.

Soften Around the Edges – By marrying soft lighting from beautiful light fixturing with neutral colors like taupes, beiges, olives, grays and other pale hues, this creates an atmosphere of calm and relaxation and adds to the feeling of a personal spa. Shades of brown are often associated with stability and security, while shades of gray add an air of sophistication. When using neutrals, you can always add a splash of color with your accessories and furniture.

Silver Reigns Supreme – The popular oil-rubbed bronze fixturing that has enjoyed a strong foothold in bathrooms for years is seeing a shift toward brushed and satin nickel, as well as polished chrome. Fixtures are also becoming more sophisticated – from beautiful curved lines and antique-inspired creations, to contemporary designs that create the look and feel of a waterfall.

Brush Your Teeth In a Thing of Beauty – Sinks are taking precedence in many bathroom remodels – more and more couples are seeking dual vanities and beautiful artistic sinks. With such a wide assortment of sinks to choose from – such as drop in, under mount, pedestal, or vessel – you are sure to find one that fits your unique style & personality.

drawers, doors and more - HLHDrawers, Doors and More – While many homeowners still share a fondness for the classic medicine cabinet, more emphasis is now being placed on innovative storage solutions. Lots of small drawers with dividers, deep cabinets to hold extra towels, and vertical storage units are leading the way to less cluttered countertops and a cleaner look in bathrooms.

Eco-friendly Loo – As homeowners remodel their bathrooms, they are beginning to incorporate “green” elements such as low-flow toilets, energy efficient lighting, sustainable building products, and on-demand water heaters.

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