Let’s Turn The Economy Back On!

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With the country still reeling from a beleaguered economy and new construction on single-family housing at one of its lowest levels since the start of this current financial crisis, this summer the inventory of houses on the market dipped down to numbers not seen in over 40 years (Reuters). What’s more is, colorful charts displaying the rollercoaster ride that new and existing home sales have taken in recent months do not indicate any clear pattern. No one can say for sure when the housing market will recover. However, one thing is clear – with inventories of homes at historically low levels, once the market DOES rebound – we could face a housing crisis.

That doesn’t have to be the case, and you could be an agent for change! This is the ideal occasion to make renovations to your existing home, affording you ample time to enjoy them, and helping to increase your house value should you make the decision to sell in the near future. If you are considering buying a new home, this is also a terrific time to invest – with interest rates and house prices combining for unprecedented cost savings. Keep in mind that in the event that you purchase a foreclosure or new home that has been on the market for some time, you may require a few simple renovations to bring that home back to its former glory. Each time a person buys a new home from a builder, chances are they are freeing the builder up to build more new homes by increasing his or her capital. Ever consider building the house of your dreams from the ground up? There are a treasure trove of talented architects, builders, construction professionals, and suppliers vying for the opportunity to help you achieve your dreams. By signing on the dotted line, you are helping to employ a staff, stimulate the economy, and – in turn – grease the wheels of progress. We simply can’t wait any longer for the folks in Washington to fix the situation – we all have to do our part to help turn this economy around.

Like many of our colleagues, Highlight Homes has faced our own set of challenges the last couple of years. While countless builders and supply companies have been forced to close their doors, we have weathered the storm. We feel that speaks volumes about the value and quality we provide to our loyal customer base. We welcome the opportunity to have you join our growing list of clients and can assist you with everything from basic home maintenance, to kitchen and bath remodels, to complete home renovations, to basement finishing, to decks and patios, to new home construction and more! To help turn the economy around, do your part to aid in the housing market recovery, and support a local builder – contact Highlight Homes and Highlight Home Restoration by calling 678-873-9234, e-mailing us at info@highlighthomesga.com or filling out our helpful online contact form.  To learn more about us, we invite you to visit our website at www.highlighthomesga.com or text Builder or HighlightHomes to 99699 from your mobile device.  We look forward to meeting you, and learning how best we can serve you and your family!

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Let’s Turn The Economy Back On!