The Lay of the Land

VesmontlogoHighlight Homes’ Principal, Tony Pourhassan, Shares His Love of Land Development

Land Development is the art of painting a picture where others may see only space. Using the rolling hills, meandering streams and ancient forests of the Southern landscape as his or her canvas, the true test of a gifted developer is the ability to create a marriage between development and the natural splendor that surrounds it so that they appear as one – a seamless and everlasting union.

When not designing beautiful and original custom homes, plotting his latest room addition or kitchen make-over, or rolling up his sleeves to swing a hammer and drive a nail – Highlight Homes’ Principal, Tony Pourhassan might be found touring the city streets of metro-Atlanta and her surrounding towns, or walking an open field in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains. He enjoys his role as land developer every bit as much as he enjoys the roles of architect, remodeler, builder, and entrepreneur. Vesmont, Inc. – a sister company to Highlight Homes, LLC – represents the land development division of Tony’s growing Southeastern business. With a discerning eye, a great deal of finesse, and a never-ending concern for the environment – Tony is able to combine exquisite backdrops with homes and amenities that complement their natural surroundings beautifully. He is able to see the possibilities where others cannot, and is extremely comfortable playing the role of the “unsung hero” behind many an extraordinary community. From single-family neighborhoods, to mixed-use developments –  recurring themes in Vesmont properties include impeccable taste when selecting their builder-partners, a colorful array of eco-friendly designs, and an old-fashioned sense of Southern Hospitality at the heart of every community upon which Tony stamps his good name.

“Rather than cutting, slashing, and burning until a piece of land is flat and ready to build – we strive to familiarize ourselves with the lay of the land and its very best features. We then endeavor to highlight those features as we develop around them. Land development is not just about location, it’s also about the character of the land itself,” explains Tony. “We design eco-friendly homes and amenities that co-exist beautifully with the nature that surrounds them, and are very proud to have been recognized for these efforts. It’s impossible to describe the feeling of taking a beautiful but empty piece of land, and actively transforming it into a thriving community of sidewalks and playgrounds intended to celebrate the land itself. It’s nothing short of incredible!”

Eager to start a revolution and be at the cutting edge of the revival of the South’s housing market, Vesmont, Inc. is currently in the planning stage of several exciting properties throughout Georgia and Alabama. Tony is also open to the possibility of investing in distressed subdivisions in Atlanta and North Georgia where other builders or developers may have had to release the reins. Forever open to stretching and growing in new directions, Vesmont, Inc. will also consider the prospect of commercial development. For more information about Vesmont, Inc. – please visit their website. To present a proposal or inquire about the prospect of partnering with Vesmont, call 678.873.9234 or e-mail us at

The Lay of the Land