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Photo Credit: Nicolas Raymond/Stockvault
Photo Credit: Nicolas Raymond/Stockvault

When undertaking a home renovation – whether working within a small space like a guest bathroom or pursuing a revamp of a sprawling living space such as a great room – the use of color should be a major part of your overall decor. When utilized properly, color can help weave a story and set a mood. According to the experts at True Value® Paint, there is an undeniable psychology to the use of color – as widely varying as the shades of a rainbow. Color can be representative of one’s personality while conveying a feeling to each person who enters the room.

If you’re considering an upcoming renovation, think about how you would like the remodeled space to make you feel – relaxed or excited, happy or tranquil, calm or energized. In addition to the renovation itself, color can help you accomplish all of those feelings and more:

Black: A terrific accent color, black conveys an air of sophistication and elegance. Those who like black are thought to be ambitious and stylish.

White: Representative of youth and purity, white gives the impression of a cozy yet clean space. People who like white are believed to be methodical and dutiful.

Green: The color of nature, green is believed to bring “life” to a room. Depending on the shade, it can be calming or energizing. People who like green are thought to be balanced and traditional.

Red: A color that universally means love and power, red can bring excitement and energy to a room. People who like read are believed to be passionate and daring.

Blue: Symbolic of the skies above, blue is calming and cool. People who like blue are thought to be loyal, friendly and trustworthy.

Purple: A color often associated with royalty and wealth, purple stimulates the imagination. People who like purple are creative and romantic by nature.

Yellow: The color of the sun, yellow is inspirational. People who like yellow are believed to be happy and optimistic.

Brown: Often associated with the Earth, brown evokes a sense of security and contentment. People who like brown appreciate simplicity and comfort.

Gray: Classic and elegant, gray works well with warmer colors. Those who are drawn to gray are believed to be intelligent and disciplined.

Pink: Soft as a baby’s bottom, those who like pink are thought to be innocent and romantic.

Orange: The color of a ripe piece of fruit, orange is warm and enthusiastic. People who are drawn to orange are often friendly and full-of-life.

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Color Your World